UKC Recognized Club
est. in 2011

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There are many upcoming Classes offered by Oxford Dog Sports
visit our website at http://www.oxforddogsports.com/Classes.html or visit our Facebook Page to learn more.


March 5 – Agility match – Infiniti Dog Sports
March 12 – Health clinic
Mar 19/20 UKC Agility
Mar 25/26/27 CARA Oval racing
April 2/3 UKC Obedience and Rally
May 7/8 UKC Nosework – Containers and Interiors
May 21/22 Barn Hunt
June 3/4/5 Lure Coursing and Weight Pull
June 15 – 19 UKC Premier, Kalamazoo, MI
July 9/10 – Barn Hunt
July 15/16/17 Elginburg, ON, lure coursing and rally with MLKC conformation
Aug 20/21 Barn Hunt
Aug 27/28 UKC Nosework – Exteriors and Vehicles
Sept 3/4/5 Lure Coursing, Weight Pull, Conformation, Racing
Oct 15/16 UKC Agility
Oct 22/23 UKC Nosework – Handler Discrimination

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    Weight Pull
Handy Weight Pull Score Sheet by Laurie Soutar

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    Rally Obedience

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    All Breed Lure Coursing

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    Sighthound Lure Coursing

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    Dog Dock Jumping

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    AKC Canine Good Citizen

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    Junior Handling

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    Veteran's Class (Non-Licensed, no points awarded)

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    Brace Class (Non-Licensed, no points awarded)

Why is UKC So Fun and Different!

Relaxed, Fun, Family-oriented atmosphere!

No Professional Handlers! Professional handlers can only participate in UKC Conformation events with dogs that they own!

Most clubs accept Day of Show entries! Miss the pre-entry deadline? No problem,
for a slight fee increase, you can enter during the Day of Show entry time!

No Grooming products on the dogs. A bath and some trimming, when necessary, is all that is required to show in these rings.

No Grooming tools in the ring! Yep, that means leave the comb and spray bottle on the other side of the gate.

Not every Judge allows Bait. If your Judge does allow bait you will want to make sure that you don’t throw the bait!!
Littering in the Ring is a big no-no!

All Beginner and Seasoned exhibitors welcome! This includes Juniors!

100 Points and 3 wins with competition required for a UKC Champion Title! How do you do it?
Click here to find out

Belgian Shepherd Dog Owners should be advised of the breed-specific extended Judging process.

If you have a breed that is considered a Variety in other registries, be sure to double check the
UKC Breed Standard! Make sure to know what Group your dog is in: the Group names differ slightly:
Guardian, Scenthounds, Sighthounds (and Pariah Dogs), Gun Dogs, Northern Breeds, Herding Dogs, Terriers, and Companion Dogs.

You can check your dog’s point and title accumulation by e-mailing dogevents@ukcdogs.com.
You can also subscribe to Bloodlines Magazine for a complete list of show results.

There is a MUST ATTEND Top Ten Invitational held each year in conjunction with PREMIER a 3 day conformation show,
performance and companion events, along with a ton of vendors!

Have an Altered dog and want to compete for an Altered Champion title?
UKC offers Licensed Altered Conformation classes for those dogs that are spayed or neutered.

Junior Showmanship begins with a non-competition Pee-Wee class where the handlers are 2-4 years old!

The UKC offers a "Total Junior" program for any participants 2-18 years of age
that benefits Juniors who participate in any and all areas of Competition.

To celebrate the versatility of UKC dogs, we offer "Total Dog" competitions
for dogs who earn a qualifying score in performance events as well as earn an award in conformation with competition.
For more information on Total Dog competitions please contact our office at (269) 343-9020 or look around this website for more information.

Most clubs host two shows in one day! That means two opportunities to earn Championship points!