Tricks / Film Work

Tons of Tricks - 6 Weeks

Instructor: Jackie Parkin

Tricks are a great way to enjoy your dog. This class will cover many of the popular parlour tricks including a variety of paw-based tricks, rolling over, playing dead, leg weaving, hoop jumping, , back up, spin, bow, "shy", roll over, sit pretty, and the list goes on! Learning tricks is a fun way to enhance the bond with your dog AND show off to your friends! This class is suitable for dogs of all ages.

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***No available classes at this time

Movie Dog Training - 6 Weeks

Instructor: Jackie Parkin

Boot camp for dogs who think they would like to do screen/ set work. In this class we will simulate what goes on in this environment and learn the skills that are most asked of dogs doing this kind of work. Learn from real life Movie Wrangler and author of book Click You're on Canine Camera. Prerequisite Basic Obedience.

Class Start:
November 20 at 11:15 AM

Click-A-Trick - 6 Weeks

Instructor: Kate McRae

***Description Pending

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No classes available at this time.