Meet the Oxford Dog Sport Team

It takes a village to raise a dog and we're here to help!

Sean Kent B.Sc., CPDT., FPMT.

Executive Director  Head Trainer

Sean has been an active competitor for over 25 years in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Nosework, Lure Coursing, Trick Dog, Disc Dog, Freestyle Dance, CARO, Barn Hunt. After retiring from a 20 years career in Children’s Mental health and Family Counselling Sean decided to do what he loves which is Dog Training and now has been training Professionally for 10 years as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and FitPAWS Master Trainer. Sean loves working with teams in a training / coaching model and loves watching them grow and succeed. In 2014 Sean and his husband François opened Canine Athletic Care; a small dog training company which now still operates out of Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare in Newmarket and Oxford Dog Sports in Princeton. Sean continues to act as Operations Manager for Canine Athletic Care. In June 2019 Sean & Francois purchased Oxford Dog Sports where Sean is the Training Director and most recently, in December 2019, purchased All Breed International Dog Shows where Sean Acts as Executive Director. Sean also manages the careers of 5 outstanding Show and Performance dogs: Barbra-Jean (English Springer Spaniel), Nellica (Dutch Shepherd),  Edwin (Rat Terrier) , Rowan (Rat Terrier),
Ty (Chinese Crested)

François Ginchereau

Trainer - Owner 

 François has worked for 40 years in customer service, conflict resolution, employee coaching, management and retail sales. He is our go-to guy for all things ODS.
François is also a Trainer in training. He is developing his skills in Urban Rat Race and Country Rat Race. He is also assisting to teach the Outstanding Citizen class.

Amanda Mercanti

Operations Manager

Amanda has a 30 year history working with dogs which includes being the youngest person to compete in flyball and achieving multiple sporting titles by the time she was 12 years old. Amanda continues her mom's legacy as a great trainer and canine behaviorist. Her mom passed away Christmas day 2018 and the love of dogs is something they’ll always share. In her spare time, when not working with the dogs, you can find her hanging out with her horse, Ringo or finding a good documentary to watch.

Kate McRae


Kate has been training her own dogs for competition and performance for many years, and has been a member of the President’s Choice SuperDogs performance team since 2009. She has traveled all over North America with the show and has appeared with her dogs on television several times, twice having had the opportunity to perform with them during the half-time show at a Toronto Raptors basketball game. Kate also has an abundance of experience conducting training opportunities and workshops in her professional life, these skills cross over quite well to the world of dog (and their people!) training. Kate’s training philosophies are based in the science of learning, always with the goal of developing a mutually rewarding, trusting relationship with your dog as the foundation. Kate is a strong believer that fear, pain and intimidation have no place in dog training and the focus should always be around having fun with your best friend!

Will Alexander


Will started handling professionally in 1986, and in 1987, took the Irish Setter Ch. McCammom Impresario to Top Dog All Breed. This also set a record as the youngest handler to have a Top Dog All Breeds. Will is one of only 5 handlers, who has had more than one Top Dog All Breeds. He has had a dog in the Top Ten All Breeds since 1991!Will also won Best In Show at Westminster in 2015. Will is arguably the most recognized professional handler in Canada. Will is now a CKC Conformation judge.

Chikki Mair


Chikki Mair has been a good friend of ODS for many years and we are so excited to have her join our team. 
"I fell in love with my first Cairn Terrier when I was 13 years old, and this love affair has lasted over half a century. In 1977, I chose our future together by  purchasing my first "show girl", entering the Conformation ring, and starting my breeding program under the prefix of Skerryvore. A few years later, we began working in Earthdog., and had the thrill of watching my dogs perform at what they were bred to do. We have continued with Conformation and Earthdog, and since that time we have also engaged in Scent sports, Skijoring, Tracking, and Flyball and always a CGN title. Since 1977 I have  been an active member of Cairn Terrier Club of Canada, currently heading up the Versatility Award program, and I am a CKC Earthdog Council rep. I am continuing as a Trainer for ODS.; a program I have helped develop; 
Country Rat Race 

Trudy Kueppers


I have been around dogs my whole life. Growing up with parents that were actively involved in dog shows, hunting companions, breeding, and water jumping competitions, it's no wonder my love, for these remarkable animals. I have always wanted to be a dog trainer, and when my first Rottweiler Memphis came along, is when I started to really pursue it, my kids are now older, and my current career as a RECE allows me the flexibility to be able find the extra time to research, read, and do online courses. After 2 years, Jäger, my other rottweiler came along, and then, I found ODS. A year later, here we are with two titles in nosework, completion of all the obedience levels, 3 levels of nosework, one tracking classe, Handler Discrimination and a Good Citizen class. I love ODS philosophy, it is just a good fit. Now, with my third Rottweiler here we are,.....looking forward to this amazing new adventure.

Cheryl Weston


Olivia Joan  Corbett


Having recently moved from Niagara in the summer of 2020, Olivia happily stumbled across ODS while searching for a new training facility. After attending and volunteering at a nosework trial in November 2020, she immediately knew that ODS would be a great fit for her and her dog, Poppy. While Poppy is the first dog that Olivia has had the pleasure of training in formal obedience and sport, she has spent most of her life surrounded by and being obsessed with dogs. Olivia got her first dog, Casey, as a puppy when she was 8 years old, and learned how to train her through personal research and reading every book she could get her hands on. From the moment Olivia brought Poppy home, she knew her pup was a natural athlete and needed to be involved in sport, and their training adventure began. As a team, they have been involved in formal obedience training and sport since Poppy was 8 months old, and enjoy spending every second of their days together. Currently Poppy holds her CGN certificate, as well as titles in UKC nosework. They have also taken classes in flyball, agility, trailing and locating, and rally. Olivia has also done trick training with her cat, Fern, and volunteers as a puppy raiser for National Service Dogs. 

Allison Pastoor

Show and Trial Secretary ABIDS Conformation + UKC Conformation - Trainer

Alli has been a Toller enthusiast for 20 years. Her dogs have trained in flyball, agility, conformation, nosework, and tracking. Alli volunteers with Toller Rescue Inc. and although Tollers are her primary passion she loves all things dogs. She lives in Woodstock, Ontario with her husband, 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 7 chickens. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and has a particular interest in animal behaviour. On the ODS side of things, Alli is Administrative Assitant assisting Amanda & Sean with tasks; on the ABI side of things, Alli is Show & Trial Secretary for ABIDS Show Operations. 

Kathy Zubick


Kayla Grant

Web Design / Technical Consultant

Kayla has a background in print journalism and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo. She assists with our website and social media. She trains and competes in Nosework with her Alaskan Klee Kai and rent-a-Labrador.

Lynn Warden

Support Staff

Lynn Warden is Program Support Staff and is assisting us with shows and trials.  Lynn has been in the pet industry for well over a decade and a Veterinary Technician for the last 7 years. As her passion and love for animals continues to grow Lynn looks forward to immersing herself in new aspects of the Dog World. After graduating with honours from one of the top hands-on Veterinary Nurse College in Northern Ontario Lynn is excited to expand her knowledge base and skill set in the engaging and constantly evolving world of dog training. Previously a service dog puppy raiser for a company based out of Northern Ontario, she successfully raised and trained a guide dog who currently resides internationally for one of America's top Guide Dog Foundations. Currently owning two dogs Lynn has spent her time volunteering for St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog program with her senior dog and an extensive amount of time dedicated to training at Oxford Dog Sports with her new puppy!

Tara Spall-Gostick

Show Coordination Assistant

[email protected]
226 979 9320

Affiliate Trainers  

We also have a number of trainers who visit, rent, or train out of ODS! 

Rose Apollonio

Private Trainer

I’ve been competing with my dogs for 27 years, and teaching competitive obedience for 23 years. Teaching has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of different breeds from all seven groups. My dogs have titled in CKC, AKC, UKC, Shutzhund, Rally, Herding and Tracking events. I have over 500 HITs and over twenty 200 scores with 3 different breeds of dogs. I’ve had the #1 Obedience Dog in Canada 3 times, and been in the Top 10 twelve times. In addition, my dogs have achieved multiple Dog World Awards, placed second at the World Series of Obedience, won the Purina National, won the HIT of HITs, been invited to Crufts to represent Canada, qualified for the National Obedience Invitational (NOI) in the U.S., invited to compete at Westminster, as well as qualified for the Eukanuba Obedience Championships in Novice, Open, Utility and Masters. My Rottweiler (“Iko”) won the American Rottweiler Club Eastern Regional Obedience Championship; my Weimaraner (“Asia”) won the Weimaraner Club of America National Obedience Championship; and my Golden Retriever (“Edge”) won the Golden Retriever Club of Canada National Obedience Championship. I’m proud of the accomplishments that my dogs have achieved; but I’m also exceptionally proud of the accomplishments of my students over the years.